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The Sukkah that stand for Convenience.

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Produced with the utmost care, in order to ensure a quality, strong and sturdy Schach.

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All you need to decorate your Sukkah with our beautiful murals or use our professional services.

Crown Sukkah is delighted to offer the public complete sukkah packages, with an emphasis on quality, durable raw materials and attractive prices – with no markup - Best Price Guarantee of the same quality.


Crown Sukkah offers everything you need for a joyful and kosher Sukkah:




  • Easy to assemble Sukkah kits

  • Mehadrin Bamboo mats – Schach

  • Mehadrin Kaynes mats (Reed) – Schach

  • Beautiful Sukkah murals

Crown Sukkah is a highly respectable, reliable, and experienced company which has been on the American market since 1999 and is constantly expanding. In neighborhoods in which many purchases are customarily made, delivery is free and our professional team will assemble your Sukkah in a special price*.


Our customer service also offers a special Sukkah consultant to help you choose the size of sukkah bested suited to your family and garden/balcony. Our service representatives will also be happy to assist you over the phone (online) while assembling your sukkah if you encounter difficulties.


Crown Sukkah follows the strictest Halachic requirements and quality assurance standards. Our products are kosher lamehadrin under the supervision of the Badatz Rabbi Shtern and Badatz (Beth Din Tzedek) HaEidah HaSephardit.


We are grateful for this opportunity to be of service to you and help you celebrate this chag in a beautiful, high-quality, and kosher lamehadrin sukkah.


*VIP assembling service are only provided for new Sukkahs and in certain areas.